About us

Izzy truly is a family business. A concept dreamed up by Ibragim, Katya and their three daughters, to source and sell fabulous quality leather shoes in England and, via the website, worldwide.

Ibragim started out in the leather trade, buying and selling wholesale and expanding his network across Central Asia and China. The family moved to England in 2008 while Ibragim continued to commute between their new home and his business abroad, working away for long periods.

With three children, buying shoes is a regular occurrence and, with a connoisseur’s eye for quality, Ibragim knew the grade of leather in each pair of shoes purchased. He became increasingly convinced that the market in the UK needed a new brand, specialising in quality children’s shoes but also indulging his passion for men’s shoes.

The principles are simple: never compromise on quality, never compromise on price, never compromise on excellent service.

Our team

And so “Izzy” was born. Using his network of contacts overseas, Ibragim is able to source styles direct from manufacturers, the initial selection carefully overseen by three stylish young ladies. The first store was opened in Letchworth Garden City in 2017 with the online shop soon thereafter, and Izzy continues to go from strength to strength.